Who is she?

Ahhh the introduction post… this post seems a little scary. I am supposed to divulge enough information about myself that you want to come back and keep reading without telling everything there is to know. Here goes nothing!

I am – a 30 something year old woman living in beautiful Western Australia.

I am – Mama to 2 munchkins who are wonderful, crazy, chaotic teenage nightmares. I try hard to be a good parent but spend approximately 72.4% of my day walking around thinking WTF, just barely holding it all together. But were figuring it out as we go, and I think were doing okay. They are pretty freakin amazing kids so I guess I am not screwing it all up as badly as I think I am!

I am – an anxiety-ridden insomniac and I daresay a lot of what gets published here will be the late night ponderings of someone who hates to sleep alone.

I am – an art lover, try-hard photo-taker and I rarely go a day without doing something a little creative. Its good for my soul and I wish I had more time to explore (don’t we all?).

I am – a wannabe yogi (and I tried a couple of years ago but that’s a story for another time), a tea drinker, a people watcher, relentlessly pursuing the perfect life, though I am not exactly sure what that is. But I’m happy to share all the adventures along the way. Feel free to say hi, or contact me by email synnamensweets@gmail.com

Seriously soul-searching,