Sigh-along Soundtrack #3

Hey there… its been a while huh? How’s 2018 treating you so far? It’s been pretty full on here, school holidays is in full swing and we have been so busy socializing. I guess it kinda makes up for the weird Christmas/New Year Eve we had. Christmas Day we had a wedding to attend and NYE was just a total non-event. So that all kinda passed with no excitement at all, but the last few weeks has made up for it anyway!

We have been traipsing around a bit and had a million kiddos in and out of the house. It’s been nice to have everyone so busy and for the most part, so happy.

Anyway, the song I want to share today is a total winner!

I was only 10 years old when this one was released and every time I hear it I get the giggles. I have so many happy memories that come to mind when this song comes on, and one that stands out particularly.

My sister and I had learned the lyrics to this song off by heart and were so very proud of knowing them, that we decided to put on a concert for my grandparents. I think about it now and we’re probably lucky that none of them passed out hearing their precious grand-daughters singing along and dancing away with some crazy choreographed dance moves.

I’ll just drop the linky here if you want a giggle Whoomp There It Is

Shakin’ it

Synn xx

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