Sigh-Along Soundtrack #2

Hey hey hey! I thought I’d share another song (or 2) from the soundtrack of this life over here, a semi current one kinda. Today I had to take the kidlet for another specialist appointment, which meant a day off school for her and a long day driving for me. I haven’t had my license all that long and I am not overly confident driving in the city – throw in there that my car is doing some weird thing that I dont understand so I didn’t drive my car. A borrowed a car and had to drive a huge 4wd but I actually think that it was better than driving my car – she is so big and imposing that other driver’s can definitely see me coming lol. I was nervous about parking her but it was actually a pretty great trip overall.

Spending so much time in the car meant we had to have some good tunes for the trip, and it was such a nice way to just hang out with the kid, bits of conversation scattered in amongst singing along to whatever was on – and the list was pretty eclectic! It was such a pleasure to watch my girl completely rocking out, car dancing away. I never expected her to get so into one of my major faves 30 Seconds to Mars. I have been a huge Jared Leto fan for as long as I can remember and The Kill is just one of the many I love from the band.

The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars

The next song that we were singing along to was a total crack up and I think we kinda surprised each other was this one;

Video Killed The Radio Star – The Buggles
This one is an oldie but a goodie, and I loved that the kiddo knew it and was singing along!

Still singing,

Synn xx

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