Daily Prompt – Elixir

Hey there… Thought I might jump back in here and try and clear the blockage that seems to be banging around inside me at the moment. 

When I first saw the prompt for today, it conjured all sorts of images. Firstly of Alice in Wonderland and the dainty little bottles she sipped from causing all sorts of chaos, then the medications that roll around in my drawer and in the pit of my stomach every morning, and finally, the enormous delicious bottle of vanilla Vodka in the pantry. I googled the meaning of the word elixir and Dictionary.com had this result;

Truth is, for me at least, that love was the elixir. I think of all the shit stuff in this world and think that perhaps if everyone acted with a little love, and if everyone felt love, then maybe the world and all its catastrophe wouldn’t feel so – overwhelming. Maybe if there was an elixir for all of us, to take the pain away, fix mistakes, cure illnesses, offer guidance, whatever the need might be, maybe there wouldn’t be so many people fumbling through life in this weird haze that seems to be happening now.

Tonight, that bottle of Vodka is tucked away in the pantry but don’t think I cant hear it all calling my name. A little elixir to make me forget for a minute, to help me get a good night sleep, to just make all the noise stop for a minute, to take away the loneliness. I know it isn’t the elixir, the cure-all for whatever ails me, and as someone who has seen what addiction does to a family, as someone who suffers from poor mental health, I won’t partake in that particular idea of elixir… but tonight, I understand why some people do.


Synn xx

Daily Prompt – Elixir

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