Parenting struggle!

‘Have kids’ they said… ‘It’ll be fun’, they said! This is just a barrel of laughs, right?

Some days I am not sure what the issue is about taking the rubbish out! When it is the same job you have been doing for a couple of years – every day – after being reminded – yet somehow I forgot is apparently a perfectly acceptable reason for why the rubbish bin is overflowing and we have resorted to dumping the rubbish around the bin. You know, not actually in the bin, just in the general vicinity of the bin! Reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons where no one wants to take out the trash and the pile just grows and grows.

I know it seems petty but it is honestly one of the things that I try to stay tough on! It would be so much easier to just get it done myself but I worry. Adulting  is hard work and eventually these monkeys of mine are going to have to go out and find jobs out there in the real world, and I doubt their bosses are just going to run around behind them and finish their duties for them. I don’t ask my kids to do a lot, so the few chores they have I try to enforce.

It has become like unspoken challenge, to see how long it takes for this mama to lose her shit and take the rubbish out herself… The struggle is real, but the will is strong! I’ll let you know if there’s any conclusion, if I can find my way back around all the trash!

Slapping my head,


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