Busy times ahead!

Controlling the craziness sometimes is the biggest mission of the day, and at the moment, there seems to be a whole heap of craziness. This buying a new home and moving house and figuring out which bit to do in which order is just overwhelming!

I picked up the keys this week and went to the house. After being locked up for a month and the huge amounts of rain we have had here, the yard is a mess, not to mention that great big pool! I’ll admit the pool is the reason I wasn’t keen on the house in the first place, but buying into the market in a decent area is a tough gig.

Buying this house was a huge thing for me. I have enough anxieties about whether I am doing the right thing, or if I can maintain all the balls in the air at the moment, not to mention the lack of information in the handover – I am not even sure if the pool is chlorinated or salt water!

The simple fact is that I was able to buy into a great area, by purchasing a place that needs some work. I need to sort out the install of a new soak well, replace locks, organise a pool service, replace garage door remotes… The list goes on! And I’m kinda feeling at the moment that I need a husband! Or maybe a partner in crime haha!

I am hoping that this will be a big lesson for me, a learning curve maybe. I would like this to be an exciting journey for me in which I can learn what I am capable of and I am going to stay positive, because this is going to be something great for me and my kids.


Synn xx

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