Well it’s been a long freakin week here. Packing and packing and worrying and packing and the nerves…. Ergh the nerves! Tomorrow is settlement day and I pick up the keys for the new house. I am still worried and the list of things I need to buy for the house is growing. The real estate agent here is being a pain in the ass as well – after being in the same place for 9 years, and the rent never being late, you would think they would be a little easier to deal with. But apparently not. I have boxes everywhere, the place could do with a really good clean and tomorrow afternoon there will be a parade of strangers coming through my home to see if they want to rent the place. In case you hadn’t already noticed, I’m a bit of a weirdo with strangers. So the thought of a heap of people I don’t know traipsing through my home, touching my stuff is making me feel a little sick.

Packed boxes everywhere and it’s not long now ’til were at the new house and we’ll have a pool for summer. There is so much I have planned for the new house and I am really kinda looking forward to what life might look like there.

I have some pretty big goals in the planning stage at the moment – my standard anxiety management plan. But in the meantime I better go clean the toilets and stuff before the strangers arrive.


Synn xx

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