Facebook failure

Life without Facebook… A couple of months ago I deleted my Facebook account. I am sure I am not alone in feeling the effects of the Facebook trap. You know what I mean right, when you check it absent-mindedly to ward off the boredom, there’s an ad break in a movie or to fill in that spare few minutes while waiting at the pharmacy. And Facebook is pretty great. It’s an opportunity to catch up without catching up, find out what our friends are up to and keep an eye on the cool businesses we utilise. But in falling into that Facebook tunnel so much of the world was passing me by.

I think I must say ‘oh I wish I had more time’ about 5 times a day. I’m amazed at how much time we can spend lost in Facebook land.

So I have claimed back some time since being away from Facebook but honestly it is kinda isolating. Even though I know that for most people at least, Facebook is a pretty inaccurate representation of REAL LIFE. I know that people all use the platform differently – some people use their accounts to show everyone how wonderfully miraculous their life is, and others use their accounts to air every item of their dirty laundry, their own and everybody elses.

Being completely honest, the trigger for me deleting Facebook was a particular interaction with a long-time friend, well not so much anymore I guess. I have been trying to clean up my life a little and in some cases, that meant distancing myself from some people. I am fiercely loyal to those I love and though I could see that this person was completely spiralling out of control (and taking down everyone around her) I chose to stick with her. To do what I could and be the best friend I could be. The situation became more and more complicated and it got to a point where I felt my only option in protecting me and mine was to cut ties and disassociate from what was rapidly becoming a poisonous situation. Thinking about it now makes me feel sick. Because I chose to try and be a good friend, there were a couple of brief moments where I questioned whether I could keep myself and my kids safe. And I have never been that person, at least not since I had my babies.

In looking through Facebook I was finding myself more and more annoyed and frustrated at what this person was posting. It’s a weird feeling to see someone so publicly falsifying what is actually going on in their life, when you know it is complete rubbish. I started out just avoiding Facebook and then I realised how much I didnt miss all the drama. Which lead to me evaluating why I was keeping Facebook. I thought about doing the infamous friend cull and removing all those dramatic people who make me bonkers but then I was filled with dread at the thought of having to deal with all those ‘ohmygodicantbelieveyoudeletedme,arentwefriendsanymore’ conversations. SO, I deleted myself instead.

And its been a relief. I wont pretend its been easy, there have been times Ive fallen into that old routine and reached for the phone when I’ve been bored.But honestly, my house has never been so clean and I am reading real books again, which I have missed so much. I know I can’t stay disconnected forever, I have teenage children. If I want to stay in the loop and stay current I’ll need to be online as much as everywhere else they need me to be. But I think I’ll start from scratch, and be a little selective in who I add and what I share.

Seeking… the simple life.


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