Liebster Award!

A gorgeous lady I have met from the blogging world nominated me to answer some questions here in a post! This is such a great idea for getting to know each other better and getting to know a little about the bloggers we enjoy reading!

What is the best memory you have from childhood?

The first memory that came to mind when I read this is I think my earliest memory ever. We spent a lot of time with my grandparents as little people, my parents worked a lot and there were lots of times that we couldn’t be at home. I remember being scared and feeling homesick and couldn’t sleep, even though I had slept at Gran’s place often. I was laying in bed crying quietly and Gran came in and sat on the edge of the bed and tickled my back gently until I fell asleep. She never said a word, but I remember feeling so safe.

If you had the chance to go back in time and do something different, what would it be?

Hmmm this is a good one! I think there are probably lots of things I would do differently.

When did you decide to write? What inspires your writing?

I have always journalled, and have written my whole life I think. Writing here was just a fluke really and the blog hasn’t turned out to be what I thought it would be! A friend actually said that my ‘social commentary’ is hysterically funny and I should be writing somewhere people can see it, so here we are.

What is your favorite book?

I have quite a few favourite books and I read a lot (insomniac pastime) but I read mainly on my ipad. If I find a book I love I hunt it out and add it to my bookshelf… or shelves!

Describe your perfect day.

I wasn’t expecting this question to be so difficult, but I have been sitting here writing and re-writing for almost an hour. Commitment issues much? I guess the perfect day would be a lazy morning sleeping in, some good tea and time to read, and then a picnic on thebeach in the sunshine with great food, good wine and some awesome friends.

What do you in your free time?

At the moment there isn’t a lot of free time, but the free time I do get is usually either spent curled up with a book or walking the beach.

Name one kind thing you’ve recently done for someone else.

I have tried to make a commitment to kindness at the moment – whether its being considerate of someone in traffic, or looking after a friends kids so they can get a break. But I guess it was last weekend, when I paid for a lady’s prescriptions in the pharmacy. She didn’t have enough and I remember a few times where I was in that situation and had no one I felt like I could ask for help. I didn’t think twice, it wasn’t expensive, but I didn’t even really think about it until my daughter mentioned it that night. She said I was lovely.

What is your goal in life?

This changes pretty regularly for me at the moment. Just when I think I have it all figured out, something else creeps up on me. Right now, my goal is to keep moving.

How do you want to be remembered?

Oooooohh this is a deep question! I think I’ll have to come back to this one!

Is there a quote that resonates with you? What is it?

A quote that resonates with me… “It will all be alright in the end – if its not alright, its not the end”. I am living by this one at the moment.

If your life were a television show, what would the theme song be?

‘Days Like This’ by Van Morrison.

Here is a link back to my lovely friend’s post

I’d like to nominate some awesome bloggers –,,,,

  1. If you could be a character in any tv show, what would it be?
  2. Describe how your home smells?
  3. Does the weather affect your mood?
  4. If you could live any one day over again, what day would you choose?
  5. If you were a car, what car would you be?
  6. Do you prefer to read books in paper form or online?
  7. Is graffiti art?
  8. Are tattoos art?
  9. What is your most favourite word?
  10. Is breakfast food an acceptable choice for dinner?
  11. Do you have a ticklish spot?

Thanks for the chance to join in, cant wait to read everyone’s responses!


Synn xx

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