Some days you get out of bed and the to do list is overflowing and the tea/coffee is just too far away! I have been trying to work on my sleep pattern a little (insomnia is kicking my ass and it really affects my mood) so I have been trying to get to bed a little earlier. This resulted in laying in bed all night willing myself to sleep… and then watching the sun come up. I gave up at that point and crept through this chaotic half packed house to make tea. The teenagers were still asleep and I wanted to make the most of the quiet.

I brewed a pot of an incredible new tea I have become addicted to (more on that in another post) and sat quietly in bed and painted my fingernails. This is weird for me, because this time last year, my fingernails had all fallen off due to treatment I was having for Auto Immune disorder. I had a bit of a laugh to myself because a year ago my life was very different to this.

I was really quite impressed with myself. I now sit here typing away with blue matte nail polish adorning my stumpy fingers and grinning away. It has been a tough year and the few years before that were bumpy too. But for today, I am okay and I’ll settle for that. I’m moving forward in whatever fashion that feels right in each particular circumstance and that has to be enough for now.

I am looking forward to the future! Not so very long ago I felt anxiety about this future, but I want so badly to be happy that I have to start making this shit happen. I am getting this house sorted this week, so that when I pick up the keys to the new place its not a mad rush to get everything done. That’s my focus and my priority right now.


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