Cheat’s Chicken Laksa

Being a Mama is hard work for everyone at times, but at the moment for me, I feel like I am barely hanging in there most days.

Once upon a time I measured my parenting not just in how many wonderful moments I had hugging my babies, but in how many nights I got a decent meal on the table to feed them. I remember having a conversation with a girlfriend where I was so pleased with myself that my kids had never had cereal for dinner! Wow how my standards have changed!

I think I may have actually got a grip on things now, I use my planner on a regular basis and I try to meal plan each and every week, and most weeks I actually stick to it. Tonight on the menu I had a new meal idea, using the new Campbell’s Real Soup Base. We grabbed a couple of these bases on special when we did the weekly shopping and picked up the other necessary ingredients as we went.

We used the Malaysian soup base tonight and cooked a cheat’s Laksa. You can find the details for the Malaysian soup base here


I am not a big fan of chopping up raw chicken, so we grabbed a hot cooked chicken and shredded up the breast meat for the chicken component and this really speeds the cooking time up. We like lots of crunch in this style of soup, so along with the recommended bean sprouts we added snow pea sprouts, spring onions, water chestnuts and sprinkled some fried shallots on the top.


Freakin amazing result that everyone was happy with and there was more than enough for all of us, even with the teenage hollow-legged almost-man child. Overall, the meal came in at under $22.00 and there were easily 5 serves, so it was a great meal at an awesome price.


Synn xx

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