Over the shoulder boulder holder…

So those who know me, know I am not much of a girly girl. There seems to have been big changes in this since I became single, and I cant pinpoint where or when it changed, but it definitely has.

At the wise old ago od 30something I have discovered clothes and makeup and shoes… and underwear. Oh my word, the underwear… Okay okay, I’ve always worn it but honestly, I have worn it because when I am getting dressed in the morning I hear my grandmother telling me as a child ‘you should always be wearing clean underwear in case you get hit by a bus’. Bloody craziness right? I mean there are a million reasons for why we should wear underwear, but fear of getting hit by a bus? Thanks Gran for contributing to those irrational fears that have made me the anxiety-ridden control freak I am today!

Anyway, I was talking to a girlfriend about my boobs, as you do. My 30something year old boobs, a little worse for wear after a couple of kids and a little weight loss thanks to the divorce diet, have definitely seen better days. I have been cracking jokes about a boob job for years now, but honestly, I have found a better and far cheaper solution. And I am going to share with you gorgeous gals, because we ladies gotta stick together right?


The City Chic stores and website carry an extensive range of underwear that is honestly just incredible! Underwear in particular does not have to be just functional after all! And the prices are sooo affordable! This particular bra was $69.95 and on sale for $20.00. Craziness right? When you are a plus size girl, it can be damn near impossible to find a decent bra that holds everything where its supposed to be, let alone something pretty. Especially when in the grand scheme of things – your boobs are the only thing about you that aren’t BIG!


This particular item caught my attention on the site and it’s not my usual style, but after trying on a City Chic bra in the store, I figured  it had to at least be worth $20.00 The bustier style is definitely not ‘me’ but it is so comfortable and just so so pretty! This bra style is completely convertible, meaning that if you happen to be wearing a halter neck or crossover style top or dress, you can customise the straps to suit your look and avoid showing your bra strap or completely remove the straps for a strapless version.

And that is how I ended up going from owning 2 bras (one one my boobs and one in the wash pretty much) to tossing the ones I owned and somehow now having 4 new ones!

Thanks for stopping by. If you are seeking gorgeous new fashion check out City Chic and let me know if they lure you in too. I have a wish list as long as my arm!

Spending… or is it saving?










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